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Nadine George Voice Work (Accredited teacher)
Vocal Technique
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Accent Reduction Technique
Confidence Building
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Group workshops are available on request

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My work is tailored to your specific requirements.  I have experience of working with a wide range of people including actors/directors, teachers/lecturers, students, barristers and a wide range of clients from the business sector. I offer both one to one and workshop sessions.  I believe that personal and vocal confidence is the key to communicating successfully.

The majority of my work is based in the technique of Nadine George (Voice Studio International) and is a holistic and non- judgemental practice allowing each individual to develop at their own pace. I began work with both Nadine George (Voice Studio International) and Ros Steen (The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) in 2007 and I continue to work on my own personal practice as a teacher of the technique and as an actress.

I have also worked with and been influenced by a number of other leading voice practitioners including, Cicely Berry, Barbara Houseman, Kristin Linklater, Frankie Armstrong, Christina Shewell, Jacquie Crago and Vayu Naidu.

‘The voice work has allowed me to access not only a range of vocal expression I had not experienced before, but an insight into the character’s humanity and emotional life. All this, without strain, mental effort and meticulous text work-it comes from the body and the sounds of the body. It uses the actor (and the person) as a whole and as a result gives you a whole sound. After a session I feel strong, intuitive, grounded, connected and free to play: essentials for any actor attempting to breathe life into a text’.

Vivienne Bell - actress 

International Workshops and Teaching 

Teaterhögskölan, Malmo, Sweden



 Johann Strauss School of Music, Malta



Working in Belleme, France

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